Come see us Live at...
* Jim Goodman and Friends *
Jim's really big Modern Hippie Country Rock Shew goes
to the
Delta Farmers Market. (Serenade Of The Organic
Veggies, Opus 3
~)  Sat, August 19th from 1 to 5 pm.  Come
sing along with the human jukebox:~   
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Cast leader Jim Goodman appears with the Frankie Sorci
Show (
vocals and keyboards) at the lovely Naggier Winery
in Grass Valley Fri, May 12th.  Wonderful original music plus
cover renditions from 60's to present.    
The CAST takes a road trip to Colfax for Soroptimist
May 6th... 4-8 pm.  It's our 3rd anniversary
performing for their
Cinco De Mayo Fundraiser... Great
festivities and a good cause.  Jim Goodman with Brian Hack,
John Chermesino and Philip DeTore.  Dancing and Tacos!
Jim Goodman guest appearance with Frankie Sorci...
*Jim sits in for the legendary Jerry Martini w/Frankie
Sorci Duo
at Antuzzi's Newcastle Inn Friday April 28th
.  (Formerly Constable Jack's)  525 Main St, Newcastle, CA
95658.  For reservations call: 530-305-4877
Jim Goodman and CAST guest star Terry Allwein (vocals,
guitars) at
Catta Verdera Country Club (members)
Lincoln, CA.  
Thursday, July 23rd  Original and Cover selections.
See Sana, Terry and Jim (Cast Musical Band) perform at
armichael park for their Sunday Farmers market.  Aug 13th
from 9:30 to 1:30.  Acoustic covers and original material...
best harmony you will hear:~)
CAST Country made a very special road trip to Gardnerville,
NV celebrating Janie and Roger Wiles 50th Wedding
Watch our CAST Country live video on
You Tube
featuring Lolli Jones, Jim Goodman, Desert Dan
Whitney and Rich Matheson:~)  All our best to that lovely
couple.  (video by Desert Dan Whitney)