Cast Original Music by Jim Goodman & Friends
The Cast currently has four CD's of original music available.
CD's are $12 each including shipping.
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Love Will Do... Jim Goodman Songs/ The Cast
It's Just You                 Aussie Girl
Love Will Do                Island Girl
Still Tryin' to Find        Not 1 little Thing
Across the Sea           Bushel & a Peck
Footstep                       Blues won't save you
Bend a Little/ Sana     Movin' On
The Offering... Jim Goodman & Friends
Runnin in your blood        Me and You       
Bend a Little/ orig              Colorado
Just another day               Steal it away
The Offering                       Earth and Water
Walkin' down                     Unblues
El Sol (the Sunshine)       Love Help me now
Southern Steel Rides Again...
A musical tribute to our 70's original rock band
featuring Jim Goodman, Ed Ocean, Greg Orsini, Josh
Goodman and very special guests... Recorded live and
in studio 2011.  (17 song set including 11 originals)
Subject to Change... Jim Goodman & Friends
Whatever You're Made Of    All Of It
Subject To Change              No Morning Too Bright
Song For Mary                       Me And The Cane
Warmth Of A Heart               Song For The Sparrow
Goody Humperdink             Yo Purty Purfek
CMB Jim Goodman & Friends
Jim Goodman