*Cast Evolution *
Jim Goodman & Anthony Galioto are the two original Cast
members living in N. CA.  Jim was recruited from his original
rock band in Nashville,
Southern Steel.  He joined the group
on the road in 1976.  
The Cast was originally called the
Comix Kids... a well oiled musical machine from New York
City.  They toured together across America for several years
before settling in Sacramento, CA in 1978.  "A good product
will attract good talent"  Our name "The Cast" reflects various
artists who have helped keep our musical dream alive all
these years.  If the song makes you happy... that's reason
enough to sing it.  And  we're proud to still have you listen.  
Thanks for being there.  Good health!

2007... Jim Goodman and son Josh, form original & covers
Tribute to the 70's West Coast Rock era,
The Jangles...
That 12 string sound and classics from the Byrds, Buffalo
Springfield, CSNY, Eagles, Poco on and on.

2009... Jim and Joshua Goodman continue the Original Music
chain with our new acoustic act entitled
Me And Uke.  
Covers of hits from Vaudeville to Modern and 25 orginal
songs.  Ass't acoustic guitars, ukulele, bass, sax, drums
and much fun.  

2012... Jim makes a logical transition as singer/songwriter
with his Modern Hippie/Country/Country Rock show
.  Featuring country artists Lolli Jones,  Paul
Sutherland,  Desert Dan Whitney, Chris Ivey, Hal Imbrie, as
well as our regular CAST members... from Jim solo with
custom backing tracks to an 8 piece concert show.

2012... Jim Goodman presents
Cast Karaoke Party!  A fun
and unique show featuring
Jim solo or with partner live,.. &
YOU.  Hard drive with 21,000 songs, monitor, lighting and
3000 watt Quad PA system.  You've never sounded better
CMB Jim Goodman & Friends
CMB Jim Goodman & Friends