Southern Steel was an original music rock group from the 70's featuring
Ed Ocean, Greg Orsini, Jim Goodman, Steve Clark and Spike Warner.  
We were dynamic and full of energy.  We managed one album, but no major label...  
Although our producer
Craig Leon went on to become quite famous!  We are
pictured here in concert at Windy Ridge, CA 2011.  
A long awaited Southern Steel
reunion album is now available!
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* Southern Steel Rides Again *
Sept 2011 Jim gets his 60th Bday wish!  
He is reunited with
Ed Ocean and Greg
for a Southern Steel reunion
album.  This features 17 songs and
many talented guest artists including son
Josh Goodman... recorded live and in
CD's and SS T-shirts available
@ $12 each or $21 set.