Cast news update:-)
Welcome to our new virtual home.  And like everything
else, it's a work in progress... So visit us often!  The
Cast is alive and well, and still making music all around
Northern California.  Please check our schedule list for
upcoming performances.  Thanks for stopping by.
If you're looking for something fun and different, you've got
the right group!  I've been putting on shows as
The Cast
Cast Musical Band since 1980.  CMB now presents a
great new show featuring my son Joshua Goodman entitled
Me And Uke.  Josh and I perform 25 original songs
together, plus wonderful cover renditions that span from
current, all the way back to Vaudeville days.  Josh
specializes on the ukulele.  But we're not talking Hawaiian
here... He does Jet Airliner, Crocodile Rock, Help Me
Rhonda, Rockabilly, all the way back to Has Anybody Seen
My Gal!  And if you've never heard a Crocodile Rock on
the UKE you're in for something special.  We are receiving
rave reviews for this fresh and organic music.  Give us a
listen.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprized.
Cast T's
* CMB features new show:~ Me And Uke
CMB presents a new father and son
show featuring Joshua Goodman.
Me And Uke!
Me And Uke  
video @  
Blue Line
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