* Chalk it Up Fair 2005
Jim Goodman & Friends 9/5/2005
The Chalk it Up fair in Sacramento, CA is
an annual event which raises money for
children's art education.  It also features
lot's of food and music!  It was an
opportunity for me to perform a 75 min set
of original music.  Being as that's what
I live for, I savored the day.  I was joined by
former, & long time cast members:

Donna P Smith... bass & flute
Wayne Smith... guitar & recording
Frank Sorci... keyboard
Tony Galioto... Drums & original
co-founderPaul Laguer... Conga's &
& Jim Goodman... acoustic and originals

Special thanks to our agent Don Petersen
for photos and video... and to all who came
and offered support.

Sincerely, Jim Goodman
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